Citizen´s Association for Educational Development

Citizen´s Association for Educational Development is based in Floriánska 16 in Košice and it´s non-governmental and non-political organisation.

Since 2002 it provides, supports and coordinates training and educational activities regardless of age, nationality, religion and the status of anyone who wants to learn.

One of the key objectives is to create good conditions for effective learning, including stimulating professional, attractive and safe environment and quality of the curriculum, material and financial security.

It creates original integrated and open system of education for children aged 2 to 15 years at Montessori Kindergarten, Private Primary School and Private Free Time Activity Club who is situated in rented premises at Masarykova 19/A in Košice.

The target group is both educational and flexible team of professionals which participate in education and training, mentoring and support for parents and families of children. We prefer a partnership approach, building on traditional moral and human values.

We respect that the path to personal happiness and success is not universal, but original for each and every particular and that the learning process is continuous and spontaneous process. The ideal of learning is not only for our knowledge and training not "only" for successful study at a higher level, but above all to develop the ability to learn by myself and have fun with it, to be responsible for the education and decisions.

Top education is guaranteed. We want to achieve more - scholarship.