Montessori Kindergarten Centre

Montessori Kindergarten Centre provides professional care of children between 2 and 6 years. It is open for children of various nationalities and creates natural inspiring and direct contact with foreign languages. The Centre is a part of integral educational system with Private Primary School and Private Free Time Activity Club. It is lacated on Masarykova street 19/A in Košice. It conceptionally originates from modern philosophical trends and padagogics of Maria Montessori.

Key matter for us are:

  • The personalities of the adults and the environment in which they are working with children.
  • What teachers really do and know, what role models they are for children and how they treat children.

Since children up to 6 years have got extraordinary power, they have universal ability to collect information by their whole being from their surroundings just once in their life. They absorb physical space, language and movement of adults and children. They work like a sponge - they absorb everything around them and they keep everything what they need for their natural growth. Child´s mind acts like a trigger of a camera - automatically, now, suddenly, perfectly and captures the photo forever. The quality of impulses is more important than frequency or quantity.

We enable to children what they need in the pre-school age to be happy, satisfied and so they can prosper. They can discover and search, touch objects, manipulate with them without unnecessary intervention by adults. They learn independently according to their own initiative which encourageus them to be concentrated and self-disciplined.

Prepared safe environment respects and protects their life rythm. Calm, aesthetic, logically structured and ordered space is created so that it matches the range of activity of each child and it offers a mixture of a freedom and discipline. Teachers work with children so they can solve problems by themselves, therefore they gain independence, analytic and creative thinking.We take children seriously and treat them with respect. Adults in school surroundings act as observers, partners and script writers of child´s activities. They support children and encourage them on a way to learn and by good teaching practice we prefer optimal environment which maximally stimulates their development.

We teach children to get along with each other, to accept their differencies and learn from them,  to respect work and work space of others and being polite. They learn to apologize, to greet and to politely express their requirements. They actively involve in the maintenance of order by putting their equipment in their place.

Creative development of sensual perception improves the quality of communication. Communication shouldn´t be just a flow of words. In our environment child hears and uses exact vocabulary for all activities. Our pupils learn names of e. g. subjects, substances, geometrical shapes, composers, plants, mathematical operations. The earlier child starts to speak correct Slovak, the better platform it creates for an early start of learning foreign languages and other subjects. Our pupils start to learn English at the age of two and other foreign languages by the age of five. Special didactical materials and equipment for sensual development enable to children clarification of basic terms. Perfect understanding that the world is made of colours, size, shapes, forms, sounds, touch, taste, scent. The child also gains basics of development of other abilities related to music, maths and foreign languages. The child´s sensual perception is directly affected by sensorical equipment. Learning becomes a natural consequence of everyday´s discoveries, natural capacity for thinking, judgement and estimation.

Children in preschool age want to be with adults and to be part of everyday activities. Equipment for practical life allow and facilitate the entry to the Kindergarten between second and third grade. Children love our school environment because everything is realistic and really works. Attractive and challenging equipment, interesting books, interactive whiteboard, beautiful live orchids will engage them more permanently than commercial toys. All tools are made in one version only. Because of that it is precious for children. They learn social interaction and coexistence if more of them like to use the same device at the same time. Children know, that the rules are important. They comply with them naturally, because they know that they apply fairly, always and equally for everyone. The rules can be changed if necessary.

The point of our schooling system is to help children to realise their own individuality and uniqueness. We help them to start interest in learning, to be responsible and to be respectful to each other and to environment. We create envitonment compatible with family, so parents also accept that development of intellect is necessary and possible, but intellect can´t be multiplied. Child´s development is not competition with the neighbours and facebook. The word "to educate" originates from latin word with a meaning: "to lead". We have special opportunity to introduce children to their interests which are meaningful and they satisfy children and adults: hobbies, essays, spiritual values, understanding for cultural values and environment.

We are Kindergarten of happy children and satisfied parents. Children learn, play and create in peaceful, orderly and kind environment. Majority of adults would also like to live there and to come back to their childhood.