Private Primary School

Private Primary School on Masarykova street 19/A in Košice is a modern teaching institution.

It provides top quality primary and lower secondary education with an aim to prepare the child well for his academic and social success according to his individual needs and abilities. The school guaranties accomplishment of educational goals established by state. It is a part of integral system with Private Free Time Activity Club and Montessori Kindergarten Centre. It has got complex approach to education and uses the best of existing pedagogical and philosophical trends.

Our clients are demanding and intelligent parents who responsibly choose professional environment for their child and realise the remarkable importance of basic education and uniqueness of chances which happy and meaningful childhood provides for whole future life.

Our marks is professionality, effectivity, quality, fairness, equal opportunities and flexibility, purposeful management and modern teaching. Our key target is smart, attentive, confident, educated, well behaved, happy and healthy child prepared for life and a satisfied parent.

The school has got a special charm not only by stylish interior desigh, superior equipment and great location, but mainly thanks to dynamical, creative, friendly climate, based on principle of trust, mutual support and respect in a safe environment for all members our community. We offer to children, parents and teachers an alternative to traditional system of education by variety and flexibility of school curriculum, attractive prepared environment, professional approach prefering partner relationship and respect to uniqueness of each child.